This used to be me.  I know what you’re thinking but that was the OLD me—yesterday, in fact.  You can call me The Tran Has No Name, and this is my story.

As it turns out, a friend’s… project?? a friend has revamped the ‘Ice SUCK IT Challenge’ to raise awareness and funds for the cure for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis more commonly known as ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  You want awareness?  How about life in a chair?  No?  How about the autonomic system going on strike—heard of breathing?  I know, shit’s borin’.  As it turns out, a friend’s project and one man—his father’s journey with the ‘rare and devastating condition’ has coincided with my own funemployment, freetime & everpresent need for purpose & meaning.

Sick?  Maybe, but I do hope Mr N. is fond enough of me.  I am people please, after all.  But I couldn’t blame him if he’d take an arm off me—purpose & meaning bedamned—couldn’t blame him if it meant he could even… I don’t know, take your pick:

‘Although the sequence of emerging symptoms and the rate of disease progression vary from person to person, eventually individuals will not be able to stand or walk, get in or out of bed on their own, or use their hands and arms. Difficulty swallowing and chewing impair the person’s ability to eat normally and increase the risk of choking. Maintaining weight will then become a problem. Because cognitive abilities are relatively intact, people are aware of their progressive loss of function and may become anxious and depressed. A small percentage of individuals may experience problems with memory or decision-making, and there is growing evidence that some may even develop a form of dementia over time. Health care professionals need to explain the course of the disease and describe available treatment options so that people can make informed decisions in advance. In later stages of the disease, individuals have difficulty breathing as the muscles of the respiratory system weaken. They eventually lose the ability to breathe on their own and must depend on ventilatory support for survival. Affected individuals also face an increased risk of pneumonia during later stages of ALS.’

The date is 8 December 2016.  It’s an month since Emperor Trump took his rightful throne and after many hours of heated battle and to Sir’s credit, everyone and I mean EVERYONE is now walking around walking.  Breathing.  Swallowing on their own.  And not just Americans but after much pressure & threat, one Nameless hero proved impregnable, gracing the whole world with his gift.  Working backwards:

10 Sept 2016. Only those (previously afflicted) with exorbitant amounts of money are now walking around walking.  Breathing.  Swallowing on their own.

10 August – 9 Sept 2016.  Money men doing their thing

1 – 10 August 2016.  In large part to one Nameless hero, Scientists have the resources & time—discover CURE to ALS in one fail swoop.

Beautiful ain’t it?  I’m lobbying the Lord, ‘fasting’ to raise awareness, traffic & funding for the ALS Cure.  Strange how that works innit?  Attention, clicks, $$.  A trillion ‘hits’ of a man getting kicked in the balls brought to you by #Pepsi  “Ok, we now have our resorces.”  -Science

There are people in the world starving involuntarily, why should we pay attention to this idiot, what does it have to do with ALS? they’ll say. Three words:  America. Bible.  Look, I’m no Scientist.  I dropped out of college freshman year because of 7 a.m. Chem on Fridays.  But I CAN suffer (Irish).  Sacrifice: one’s own gift to one’s self.  It was that or Downton, I’m pret-ty good at Downton, would you guys pay to see that?

Funny, humans.  We want to “earn it” don’t we?  After I’m rich & notorious & all over your telly screens for my efforts—having to explain to my Love that she now has to share me—I don’t want it to be cause I finished Downton in it’s entirety in 10 days.  Suits like, “Better stick with Downton, Downton’s your wheelhouse, should we make the check out to you or the Saltydogs?”  (http://web.alsa.org/goto/thesaltydogs)

No, I love Downton, let me earn it!  Metaphor for the Human experience, no?  Why didn’t God just make Heaven & be done with it?  How many of us would be inconvenienced by our Saviour’s descension?  Like, “Yea, but not right now, meeting at 4.”  Saviour like, “Umm HEAVEN!”  We wanna earn it.  Purpose.  Perhaps my tune is different were it my own fath… er, someone I got along with lil better 😉 Love you Pops!  Were it me

Could be wrong but it isn’t hard imagining the lesson’s the Novaks have gained these passed few years.  Mr is shattering the odds beating the damn thing by more than a few years (and counting) docs might have projected.  Scary, no doubt, but the sacrifices (Meaning) of the family.  The unity & rallying—CONNECTION.

Invaluable?  I wonder.  I could ask… It’s an interesting thought: I mean no offence, but, after all the time & Sacrifice by all parties involved, what of immediate health versus the erasure of time, suffering & experience altogether?  I only mean to propose that something Higher is at work & the aforementioned are all indefinitely closer to the High.

I’m done eating for a while to raise awareness toward the Cure for ALS.  To feel something, anything, I’m sacrificing my organism to see myself in another.  The fame & money is fine, but I got some to spare, and you can have it.  I’ll also be setting aside funds normally reserved for my own sustenance, call it $10/day, toward the cure.  Short of willingly expiring your own self I hope you’d exhaust all resources in return, but freewill says you don’t have to; Unconditional says it’s my job to love you and not the other way around.